ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Peckville Christmas House

Tuesday, December 12th

The Peckville Christmas House was featured on ABC's "The Great Christmas Light Fight" Monday night.  Here's owner Matt Harhut talking about his experience with Rock.


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Let's I don't let these guys. Point five KER. So last night the pactel Christmas house featured on ABC's the great Christmas lights fight. Life. Gonna stop when. When does right now but I'm proud man. Absolutely absolutely I had a lot it was a pleasure working with everybody. Yet the staff yeah maybe they every day they were. They were wonderful to work where we had a good time for her life every week we had the best I've ever work what. I like the the text you guys added. Of the plunger. Yeah yes and here's what test day after Reynolds coal mining towns right here that would be our heart great way to our ability need to display until half. Obviously slowed cap traditional way. Now the last couple years who wrote this this year place but what about for those that haven't seen it how many lights how many decorations. What's your monthly electric bill like these are the questions people want to answer. Story here sick all week we did erupt now we have over a 100000 lights so we just gave up. Yeah Ali and if I mean we we got to see our. While all of our 125 south because we batted I achieve step back you're not only are we do we that I achieved but we added more light elements a year. That's foreign as far as the lights broke off nine dollars and fifty cents an hour hello I. Hotels and for the defense. Okay all right and what about the decorations recall those little plastic things those little figuring deals. Overblown fought very hard to come by all of the companies are used to make boat there out of business and taking them anymore we have. We picked them up perhaps flea markets yard itself. Each bank. Germany's did you have we have over thirteen on 60 all right we stole the show last month we had approximately thirteen iTrip. But I am the past month believe it or not I've that we picked up another front. Where's our listeners want to visit what about your hours and then how late in the season are you open. Yeah our first I ever clocked every thing. During the week they shut out at night but we get 10 o'clock. And it's the kind until we just park and you get out anything basically walk around your property and it's a little overwhelming at times map. And it's the textile Christmas house 1130 Marion street in tech fell back and you guys you may going strong and so what the first regenerate. Yes we're gonna have a live out weapon at all especially stressful. Well is awesome seeing on TV last night sorry you fell a little short but still very impressive. What thank you much Iraq. You gotta match have a good run.