ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Is One Year Enough?

Tuesday, October 17th

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones announced their engagement this weekend.  They've been dating for just under a year.  Is a year LONG ENOUGH to really get to know someone?


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Let's I don't let these guys. Point five KE RC yet. They won the big stories that broke over the weekend Joseph Jonas. And the other chick from game thrown Sophie turns they announced their engagement after what just under a year in the rain started dating November south. So is a year long enough I think we both kind of agree on this that I think now. Each time he can attack. Showed that I would just like the same here I feel Joseph Jonas would take a fancy referring to as his future wife is out. That chimp sounds check the fat chick from the game of their own idea I. Iron find that compliment like him I was hanging out with my wife Iraqi was introduced in this case is fast Freddy in that shake his wife. I don't know it takes I don't know as a woman list that you how do you feel about that other guys tick surprisingly fun with it picked. Drumstick for. Okay I'm just checking I what do you think Jazeera long enough to really get to know somebody. It depends if you feel. Welker somebody that you have to go but anybody else that it's that strong I would get married if you feel that aren't alone you know. Okay have you personally. I don't my girlfriend her warm months and I never told this woman anybody else. Rewarding. I personally wanna get married this team. And you may be someday down arrow idea definitely. Can you guys talked about it. Not really what I'm only Tony hired Goldman chief Tony sick well we talked about having kids could not marriage idea it's way too soon. I'm Davis is so beautiful it's like starting now she's the wind is if you want to I hope she's hearing this right now could sell you just won't. Eight she probably is. We just MS Sanchez to each other on about that that song never let me go. Are you guys think you missed you issued a couple ever. That's our own words there. On their running game that's like to your husband Perry got. Oh sweet for months now a check out on her FaceBook page here's opposite ends of the spectrum Shelby says her dad proposed to her mom after two weeks. I'm dating they've been happily married for over thirty years. DM the things Cassandra and I love you girl I'm feeling you whose muscle sister she's at my fiance and I have been together for six years he just recently proposed we have a two year gap before the wedding I need some time.