ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Never Have, Never Will

Thursday, October 12th

Rocky, Lissa & Freddie reveal what they've NEVER done and NEVER will do.


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I'm 98 point five KE RC ninja. Testing question isn't at its and it's a simple question what major never have never well something you've never done in your life. And have no plans on doing it in the near future probably for the rest your life something small yet it can be a food. It could be as some kind of activity something silly. For me. I I don't care whether it's permanent are one of those fly by night things you seal like in the head to shore in the summertime I will never ever and never have. Bungee jump and we would mean considerate. Well wouldn't even consider it's like a black just look at those things adds. If you are gonna say tax you passed. That's that's for utilities and I yeah I don't know how many plants and release their intent to grow up becoming adults and a you have to do that when the Yankees win tonight you should have to get a tattoo our there's no betting there's no doubt usually have to get smiley face I. Larry all I am not marking up this Temps turned in by aerial is a. Yes it never mentioned the hockey aerial is again making this I have to make this promise now after these. He aired before they can get to them probably. Sheared aerial list there's another bam for your Freddie front that that's called cheered aerials where value less. Never have never will Wear Crocs. Clock care of their comfortable OK I know they're comfortable my offense to anyone and I. Actually they're not I try to crack experiment on a few were killing some people say they're not yes understood Iraq that will never. Worst info for Freddie Elena said I and he never will Wear khakis but yet here he used today with the evidence is screaming in my face exactly. Hey I renewed my hedged play everything for you Freddy yeah I never get my tongue pierced look at Eric. There would punch a few other things that might not it works better if you pick something that's a common thing that most people dale. I will never get my tongue peers that's not a really a common thing works it's like you know like from the waitress comes over OPEC can happen. Would you like daughters I think he hubris actually hi I'm Barbara dodge yeah Terry does as. I get it yeah for me I don't mind that is the constant playing with it no all the time during can stop it. Like hanging out with somebody and you're talking to them and are you here is clang clang when I clank and their mouth I get is you have been his ball around in the in my. Mouth author tees. All hooked on purpose it's really not good for your enamel so what is your never have never well 1800.