ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Naked Ice Baths at US Open

Wednesday, August 29th

What the secret to winning at the US Open in the brutal heat?  Naked ice baths WITH YOUR OPPONENT!!!

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Iraqi lives at my. All over the north east not only here in northeast PA says the US open is gone Big Ten story and New York yes and ninety imagined playing tennis in yesterday's weather and so there are lenient they give them a little extra time and I and then they kind of bend the rules little bits so Novak Djokovic won the media at best tennis players in the world. In between sets a gimmick ten minute break. Andy he and his opponent. Take an ice bath together cruel and Jerry is explaining away went down. There is funny because locked and NIN world ice bath water next to another so we had a two lies about tour. Make you guys about there was quite quite wonderful feeling you know. A guy for two and a half hours and then you get into the locker room and now you haven't finished the match and you're naked you live in in. Ice bats and there was a quite magnificent feeling I must say I'm magnificent. Like to rub it and feel Lula is tennis is a little different than a match or well isn't museum like football players there and analyze after hours halftime show. He could probably be hardly know her story sharing a locker room and any naked ice bath exactly if everyone did that. The world would be about. Her place. I'm telling you with that he yes and they really doesn't sound like a bad deal I don't think our. I don't get past that equator right there are Jack absolutely would you call it magnificent Freddy I don't know I only have to be magnificent for me to call it magnificent you see a little bubbles in the tub in the.