ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Mom Still Does Your Laundry?

Tuesday, November 14th

Nick Jonas admitted in a recent interview, that when he's home, his Mom still does his laundry.  He's 25!  What's the laundry cut off age?


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It's. Five JRC. And Nick Jonas has a new single I was called home songs are asking you know what yeah your home life is like you go back Coleman. It's funny to say that his. Yes it is peculiar to thank you for phrasing it that way because mom is still doing your laundry 2590. Claims that she likes Christiane thanks I would say momma who alleged faults here she's an enabler why I recently his lawn yes 25 years so I don't fault nick is much I think I fall mom equal purse still doing it a 25 years old and a bottle of tide and wish him well I Kathy you have an age forests just give Issa cut off age her for during a country where you got. Not they're junior the album in almost a fight no. Kelly yeah able to do it yourself besides your your teen years. Yeah after making a market tells me responsibility. Take care mound personal trying. Me too but see were women. And I think I don't know what it is about men in their mommies but they do a lot of guys they all did enjoy having their mother do their laundry and that's weaker and. And yeah not honest and that I personally I have I don't get that I had yet. And they're able to lock very out. Series all time during your online. And I love the sex it just came a seven to anyone I love you she says my boys. Learn how to use the wash around fifteen years old and started doing their own laundry completely at sixteen or seventeen wanna raise my voice to be men. I don't want to dependent on me or any other woman because yes yeah testify. High school I think is a good age to start. We and if you're your guys' turn to any kind of sports we trade a lot of laundry incident that age teenage boys you're discussing my. Think history says give us a cut off age. Com I think thirteen fourteen but I know a guy who is it peculiar at all and his mom and at that need to keep about the green all the laundry. And she pleases us and laundry yet. Particularly you want to set the bar and all day. She. Unbelievable that this crime was disgusting you know you and again like rocky said both at fault mom needs yeah. And son needs to stop letting her right she's enabling his as lazy lifestyle right there are. It's disgusting. And I wouldn't come my seven your mother he should comedy if you play the I guess that would by this point doesn't really matter. I stopped and said hey we're gonna yet turn things around. Only two years now. Critics point lesson now not learn because this man been lazy little 52 years old got to be honest with you it might be good for this woman to be active at least because he's probably gonna wind up stock indices and the smaller exactly what this is his rationale yeah fewer aches and it keeps you don't see so much that she likes intercepting a dish yeah they have us. And she like Pelé phone bill visually making her she can't would you like three into the basement. List goes on doesn't have always done and what your mother. In light to do things that are right series and we now that the rates.