ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Me Or the Dogs!

Thursday, June 14th

Husband gives wife an ultimatum:  It's me or the dogs.  Which would YOU choose?

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That I like eight point five K. So the stir talking about our tears he faced a page has been tells his wife. It's knee or the dogs any wasn't expecting a response. Picks the dogs at the end their 25 year plan. Eyes ears over dogs she can't stop adopting soaking in the zone he's. Out and the the dogs stay right so are given the ultimatum would you choose other relationship where your that's. We're going here. I Carol how about you. I would probably you'd bet. It got. So many actually I don't lightly because I'll be key not the dog lover that I am I although off their direct. And he you know he yeah I don't think you can't port it up there. Our trip put putt there at. Flowers are sure you like I you can don't need this Rick are here are what about apps include you're tired. Around. Here that the what I. And you are doing something that a lot of people wouldn't do your you take inside Matty your busy life and and taking care of these animals trying to find them homes yes. Eighteen where wow you know for you know it seeing us on it but he would never asked you to stop it because furthering you must use your good heart and mean as part of you. Well he had told me. Because I've had a couple doctors nobody here that have had accidents out you know what did the situation that I keep you sure you change and that my top train. And our network and he. That I get attacked. Oh yeah he's got Ruth went on and on to clean it up everything. Our Kleenex. You know and I hate that actually I mean not. And like this woman in England if he knew he was sign up for right this is invite. I had thought before we got there. I've had not been low it will need to have thought. That's a fantastic equally as delegates working perfectly lesson our troops should. It. Aaron just like to the end and thank you for lenders. And that word.