ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Max Interview

Tuesday, December 5th

LET IT SHOW performer Max checked in with Rocky & Lissa to talk about his fans, his song "Lights Down Low" and playing in a strip club for the first time!

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I'm 98 point five KE RC four. Sounds more maximum. And he joins us now our rocky illness or some magazine not ordinary at all fantastic you know why you are any rare cares he performer you are just a couple of days about to become a member of the three timers club. Poor baby correct reaffirm our all right thank you feel like I did with us and calabrese the water. Yes indeed lead that we've we've had many wonderful occasion but look at the play quite a life sized jacket do you work he's going to be an SNL through timers jacket special jacked up and down from god you know a night like meg little immediately to a big Mac on that body that sort. I mean it would be great. Hot hot possibly are so excited to have you back do you're northeast PA fan base is going crazy. I'm glad I can't wait on Monday credit they give every day and it really got there they can be stage. So I know the super fans know the story behind lights down low blood. Does that it's really cool the as just the background I came over the idea of the song and basically why you wrote lights down low. Yeah and I am in I just started dating my now wife Emily and that line went dead right to link passover and so. I wrote an Italian and I proposed to her with it we had people that it. It didn't you've been the one that's connected but yes. But wonderful way it that I definitely I mean I never expected me and I am grateful everyday that people are you know I just connecting with would love to that was all about. Yeah much better than like doing and on the Jumbotron or something like so. Yeah her. Everybody got that thing yet or whatever whatever question. We will she be with you Atlanta showed she is account. Now I see that he's deep taken to the web get a lot of red there Chris did you lose is wonderful to see like guys he's been lifting our doctors yet Alan dot com have Chela spat yep which have been and spare the court. Now what does Tony eighteen holes for you you've had a big 2017. I Vietnam. You know my first album how to do need to came out and Ahmad Mort I'm second out right now we're gonna flip them some new music at the Shell Oil that is coming up next yet I'm excited that and yeah a word which established North Carolina. Now Latin music's more meet soaring in and who's the special surprises the bay base that. They yet you have this kid can hit. The area where Atlanta I'm in the air where it out last night I would say I'm you're part of the night we get the ballot that was. Unless they're covered toed the party prepare our big board got a bit magazine. And that I didn't Utley got their beds they had rented out this gentleman's club and Sarah your I've. And I've never I've honestly never you know I don't really go to a lot of jump club now when I hit bow and a lot in 2006 it was still a very active gentlemen's club as. Like the VW dancers were told that you come updated that we could subject in the very unique period and yet the Magnum basically villages beyond a player like download. In the strip club for the first I'd have had to guess it was never doubted they would but imposed by the united. This environment yeah I think emotional and and those they would the other field the life. Our show slightly more PG. So good at and don't worry now what's your fans are gonna get to meet you at the mean great let me just it is what is the nicest compliment you never gotten from San. A lot of open and ethical question around. I would say that. My David it is it's always when people feel like you like ten minutes in the same way that I know sometimes people you know feel like bay they may be no need. And because maybe they can music really follow along and and maybe I don't really know them Alba when I when I meet people who just. Feel like they they say they feel like we've known each other forever that's the greatest fears that I want people to feel that that the whole point of creating the need to get to connect them and when I meet somebody that. Let you have the first time looked like they've been left and the month period for years that the greatest if you would just completely transparent that yeah. They did it well we'll see in a couple days maximum long LA pot like no I think they're a nice day you Max yeah baby yeah. As Max senate three Steve at the end right and he's an all time low Olivia Hologic Miller and former guests now anchors and.