ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Mariah Meltdown

Tuesday, October 10th

All this week Rocky & Lissa are giving you a scenario, then you have to MELTDOWN like MARIAH for a shot at Mariah Carey tickets.  Mariah plays The Sands Bethlehem Events Center on Monday 20th.


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Yeah enlist them. It's on Monday qualifier KE RC. They scenario. You're forced to wipe with generic toward cheaper. You're just ingesting the truth here as fast light that's your meltdown situation titles are you Amanda ain't got ahead melt down. It very. Look I'm like yeah. All right hold on a matter little singing were found out Tibetan food like a mouse who is pissed. Pete go ahead you're next on the Mariah meltdown. Hi this is little there must be in the stick in my dressing room like princess party pays good minutes they like you both will be near the whites like my absolute what might actually particular. You won't quit more. This. I'm an empty except another performance throughout. All right and our final contestant Amanda tee time to melt down like Mariah. We didn't do not Italian I is not. He could not be a period where people are Mano YAM I'm diet Ricky Gary tiny shard in in here. Now as it white cloud Wal-Mart. Out there. I think an enemy and if it's in Charlotte I didn't expect it and I think we have our winner. Yeah definitely. DT hands out on great male. And I cook great now than I've written it down and Eric Berry thought man a little too good I think he Mahoney met for years the I've been following her eyes grow appendices. We'll see you at the sands November 20 congratulations. Great great gift you've got to bring me in my prince this body. The best.