ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: A Little Misunderstanding

Friday, August 11th


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Italy's sex and now he is the real deal. I'm so happy to be used to. There's so many weird random redneck things that happened within my. Often highlighted sexy. They know he'd find it adorable are really help. In town today crap out of you and I got well I'm glad you say there for the radio today you've got to share some points. Please. I don't know one of them is to possibly bad I'll hear about a for the rest of the day I tell you and Freddie and I have. Well Freddie CIA here right now it's so prophetic. Well I know you saw really I knew I get a yeah go ahead okay. You know that fair that I won big I Beth clean of that when you're going to hear analysts say any days clearly Anna Hansen Aaron in this fashion everything right it happened to be the weekend that it was going not okay and I was back in town. And I went to some of the festivities. And niece still have my little sash from back in the day anyway. You know yeah. You still had from when. When a little less than it was good or you won't Warner would end. Pay days clean heyday said celebrate fourth of July in my town because there'll farmers and for the canes season and so they went to it like almost the end of Haynes season because heyday is fact that I was the clean paid days. Must have been sixteen or seventeen years old. And so and not only that to the Miami where the session that they thought I came back for that reason I didn't know they were cheap in this fascist from previous clean as it did you crush their dreams. The but they were so excited I was there because I remember they don't think that this is a big to do in god bless them they'll think that this job is the coolest in that Melissa Leo is the coolest because she went out to the east and got a black flags so that I don't mention I'm. I couldn't say no our little girls. Returned from China and roses parade wearing this stupid stash I kept it on for me beats when he menace because I didn't wanna be root out us. Photos and no eye when women I think it's because I knew it doesn't make it on my fifth and it could have. I hope knowing yes photographic evidence Vince exit Iraq you Rhode Island memory and.