ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Liss Got Invited to a Royal Wedding Party

Monday, April 16th

So Royal Wedding theme parties are now a thing?  Who knew?


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Let's I don't you guys that he point five ARC well the imitations. And yeah and you received. Slowly yeah. We'll son have this one tonight with a life. To live together according to golf floor in the holiest days of maximum. We saw love comfort on and keep the sickness and in health. And forsaking all other key people in the hunt presumably with the goods. Will now be attending U royal wedding party even invited to maximize not even kidding you yes yeah. The thing that will. I don't know she makes a really good buffalo dentist friend my girlfriend Jennifer I Lucent paper invitations my friend these weren't even just FaceBook invites these were paper invites she's all land. Having your royal wedding party. It's going down on May nineteenth. Apparently our time it starts at 7 AM on Saturday Saturday morning at 7 AM. Eastern on no she has say show recommendations you can get into the hole. Royal wedding spirit Michelle yes thank you bring out. Yeah I think without feeling that this I think I'm basically they're taking no bearing on the throne after her father Kathy went current and she's married kicking field where it's. It's kind of like a lot of drama in their relationship a little bit of military he has a lot wrong and just like her struggle like she never wanted to be the queen. And it's called the crowd the crowd carrying around you have to understand it yet. Is it similar to a documentary northern town of episodes. This guy. Here Morgan he's the creator a bit and he's kind of just like interviewed the family member independent all being top stories I can hold. But I just hate cheesy reenactment slick initially amateur shows me enacting bad actors OK so it's actual real. Footage. Yet you know it is an active but time and banging the story lines and she's had her since it's great. Let's go plough is make you interested in the wedding at all you know you know. I think you're. Fine yeah oh clearly you're not helping them. I read about and elegant day afterwards so fat needed an hadn't added that news. That's where it's DOS trying to always your honest that's at stake you so much for going. No problem I says still Spice Girls as your guard too that's gonna get you through your party is a guy that's the carrot dangling and he.