ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Last One Standing

Thursday, May 10th

We LOVE this nail-biting, butt-clenching game, Last One Standing!!!


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Lucky you sell weekday mornings on 98 point five KR CF five contestants lined up right now. Our roundup last one standing how works we randomly pick a collared him you get to eliminate another caller I'm hopefully. Not eliminating yourself because you have no idea which is the fire phone lines venture on. In excruciating contest. You're down and the last one standing wins back then tickets before they go on sale and then not start with the Shannon good morning Shannon hate yeah we need a number from one to five. Could you want eliminates. A number four number of more that is good news for you because you're not I'm outlined by frank let's drag it. Hello I. Then things lasted like Todd lucky dragon tomorrow. How are right we have Rebecca on the show right now all right Rebecca. Number four is guns so we need you eliminates another caller 123 or five. And number he'll know her at all. It's got some bad. Beyond by down the RRE. Sad little thank you we haven't talked to our Caroline yet Caroline we have about three colors laughed. And we need you'd eliminate one then by the 313. Or five feet. But can eliminate number five number five that's an excellent choice because that's not your line that's the line Chris is I'm extranet Chris I. Already done something not pop ups okay my prince will go back over to Shannon. Back to down to our final two collars. Shannon and Carolyn one or three. Which is those phone lines you want us to cut pollution trying to throw chewing through one or. So hard one or three. Cities. Number. Grange guys. Canada are fairly near there are big winner congratulations. Well played. Well played good job yeah. I think yeah it's score. Her smackdown before the these cells coming up Friday morning at 10 AM congratulations. Female the girl it is nerve racking she's right. Accusing the cars meet or malaria our arts and they brought you good luck lives.