ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: John Travolta Argument

Monday, June 18th

Things got heated Monday morning...over John Travolta! 

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It's. Five JRC. I did misspeak she true all too was making bad movies after pulp fiction is well I thought it was just before pulp fiction no. Because that Scientology's movie what was that called and it was L Ron Hubbard's like good life for something he is off this whole. Period where he used make an all these spiritual movies like phenomenon. And Michael ware you is the Angel Michael is one of the greatest movies at the markets battlefield earth. That panel the American OKI poll that came up that was after a pulp fiction to yes and he's had a S very strange. Movie career yes worries hot for a minute like even the had to get surety movie that was that was kind of cool I. And and then he had a nice run for awhile but now this this new got movies just getting. Rick and zero I'm writing made us and I see where he did a sequel to Saturday night fever he did was out staying home. I think you yeah yeah I cried. Because there are so baskets and during stay alive because it's before my god every Saturday at life changed my life when I was a kids learn I theory anyway our gas that are in the race fever one of the greatest. Movies ever creating greatest stories ever. Ever and then they come out with staying alive in the end it's just that vision of Jamie Lee Curtis in that class. Teaching that dance class and a gold straw that my attorney wanted to talk about because I don't even think it's cool I think it was. So natural to though when he does he's dangerous he's all win like that battlefield earth movie you was one of the producers Ilie he helped get him made and I know it's psychology thing he wanted to get it may try but and then it is so awesome we bad. He stood behind it right to be an. It might as well saving us we'll go forward silly now. They mile Dottie yeah she's all end I don't know why I feel that's where I think there's going to be some redeeming qualities to this guy any movies they may not be what he intended you. I I think it it can be when those movie so bad it's hard pretty good how one shark bio yeah exactly I wanna. Wanted to fight over the fact that you said Michael's not good. That's a fabulous movie. The cast alone is grades where you have to put wings on Travolta or commit. Some amazing that he's an Angel of course he asked they have wings how could be an Angel was outweighing the studio and Angel with a mullet that didn't lose your right there. Heaven would not give you a moment to its awesome his performance is great news dance rude stop hiding unbelievable. To go Revis and Michael's word for saints he's one of the greatest dancers that neverland apparently we have to do. Arianna Matt that's it's a different point altogether you two different arguments here what are you talking I mean it's just as good as look who's talking and that's an excellent movie until the. The look who's talking movies video about 87. Ask why. That was they're still talk to you guys show up. Yeah colleagues he better be taught and.