ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Jim Breuer Interview

Wednesday, February 21st

Jim Breuer brings his standup to the FM Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre, this Saturday, Feb24 @ 8pm.  He took some time to call the show this morning.


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Slash U. And yeah. I'm right now is your media mr. Joseph amber. Her RE GM and you when you were doing well a couple days away we'll see you Saturday night and the FM Carey center looks very I'm opt out or. And your Q I'm in still selling out everywhere thank god you guys yet he went and residency now pretty much in your home turf on Long Island. Yeah and you know what that thing was given. Hey. With Jeremy gallon this new agency and I gotta say if we do tremendous things let first you're dues are resident yeah are you crazy. You crazy serious gala do it. And now here we are going into June it see its. If you told me by February before the first show started. I've been selling tickets now for the June shows that I had so I didn't buy that one so I think it's an architect think who can all right. Now last saw you I was hosting in I don't expect you remember this guy is hosting a ship rocked cruise. And you're on chip rocked you are amazing and most comedians would think of that as like a death sentence because you're on both literally trapped on a boat with 3000 drunk fans. Remember that show and I remember watching the first night slide triggered just how. And we are sell enough and I look at my band going you know what tomorrow we have heard about a pool area we used to meet me. Would I got a room Mimi would do an in process they may look at me like Dallas or eighty or trust me. We do a completely different set and then we're prepared for I remember exactly what they did to the point where. The three days later and it was a charity event. And the lady does seem now hook crude oil and make sure you go to help with the cancer foundation. And whatever you do don't pick and she referred to one of the big step IT's. Conflicts and indeed trust me I went well liked and people cover other good you're good. Oh yeah I was. Those crowns and please to my aunt. And I so you were on I think it was like last springer on comedy jam and you're talking about your biggest moment as an entertainer all the movies and SNL. And I'm doing stand up. But the moment you got to perform a drop offered a Judas Priest on the show. That's right because that's the type discuss those are moments in your life that you that your song you remember. Oh my god knows my childhood that was my key you're sure my whole life changed. Where it's at Kelly's account. Cutie crease he's got an opening comment that was my National Anthem for the rest of my life I keep trauma. I'm very blue collar world I can live. In my head to blue collar life but that song made me go. For what I wanted to do in life and everything I'm doing now to. By the way do I see what man's fantasy camp. That's right baby easy target field. BP. Is how are your illustrate that stroke Buick on the looks a lot. They probably more excited to meet you don't. Well let her years of people out to get me ask you this. And I trained hard and I can't who rushed it. Comedian Jim Burr on the show this morning a couple of years ago when the Mets were an ethic of a pennant race it was so fun. Watching all your videos that you were uploading to FaceBook every night. Asked a lot of people don't know this but I did every game this season that year and then so this year I'm actually. The first game I'm gonna broadcast. Chased a choir which means to a difference. From CU CL a that's hilarious you don't know now we're gonna be wary of being a living room do you watch. You are excellent commentary like but you can watch it and commentary for the whole game. That's us that's fantastical Jimmy get ready and police Leo and I tell you that the wilkes-barre crowd is a rock and roll crowd from the start there so ready for yeah. Thought her crotch and I can't always welcome by dance off CU's very soon thanks Jan we love you thank you. Take care. Still and I knew it was going to be weird. Just let her reaction you friends when he getting caged. Like heroes get really excited and they should figure telling friends like a big deal like. Yeah I'll be getting it. Is a big circus breaks actually getting day women that's. It's. The guy and still stuns. They tell you guy friends like yankees. Figures someone died. Amen. So young man would have. His whole life ahead of them. I just saw him yesterday man. Victory Saturday night now. Many factors are coming to get information out there Andy he had met fantasy camp when you have wow such a nice guy too.