Monday, June 11th

Today's the day that IHOP is changing its name to IHOB. Rocky & Lissa called the new IHOP in Wilkes-Barre to get the scoop.

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I'm ready quite five KE RC monkeys and pancakes too big topics on the show today. Yet today is the day we find out now why I have copies changing his name to I hop we have the manager. Serena from the I knew I hop on can assure you looks very ominous right now are you changing your name to our hearts and. Not aren't they in particular but about. Of the bigger stories like Las Vegas that's what being therapy. Because we're hearing. On Twitter and some Asian cities on TV commercial at the. Yes there we have vibrating Burger's right. Who burgers OK so you guys are doing here though you have the burgers they are not changing your sign it. I see you should've heard the suggestions we are getting the text on some people thought it was movies that people thought it was babes some people thought I was biscuits. Yeah it burger at work we're trying to switch our focus a little more. Do lunch and dinner. I get a it's just sad for you guide me just. The campaigns rarely do well on the sign out front and when you gotta change it around. He had a Byron uploaded our peak. And you don't really know your piece of the name of the restaurant isn't changing correct. Oh it's just is like a promotional thing for a little bit highly brown and I'll carrots Tara how I feel so much better now my whole world was in limbo when I thought you guys are change. I thought I was gonna go you drive by today and that that he would have been put to. Look deeply enough flipping the tape. No not here all right Smart Serena thank you yearlong parents are very day Intel. There's the official word I have works fairly affluent and RP thank goodness. And her well scary to derail upstaged.