ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Hurl-a-Palooza

Thursday, August 23rd

Chrissy Teigen projectile vomited at her daughter's school during orientation.  When did you yack in public?  Liss told a story about her first week at KRZ & former Intern Snuggy joined us to tell the rest of the story! -Rock

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You are and received speeding ticket holders school on the very first day. Project I'll vomit. And that's why at this hour we're hosting it AM curl up to lose them. For the weirdest slash most embarrassing placing their refuse we have a bunch of people texting to show right now and trying to get on the radio keep calling 1800. 2220985. And I shared my story when I'm reasonably waiters in college and then you were getting ready do I share your story. Which involves a former intern Nomar is it does it was my first we jacares. He just ninety degrees cry I aim. Phone guy and a call you recall being sought it was OK let you know how are you. While catch up yes I assume that's usually intruded if they don't mind at all now but not all the fuss about this story like a lot of stories. It would not just I personally do I know I know which you handled it like such a chance I have to tell you it was my first week working here is my first time ever meeting year old. We were going to do media coverage in Jersey for the American Idol all hit that certainly since. Here the rule you know little dolls and and talk to the idol people react. You and I are chatting away among these guys so cool he's a super nice he's so easy to talk to. And then I was like driver I needed go to the bathroom he suffered a burger king and why did you hear from. So the reality global back story so already. Had I don't I was probably like. I don't know I'll probably 22. Point three late. I had tuna per drinking coffee and unlike that found crazies like I just start drinking coffee and I would like all got it. And it before we can't let this Asian to go to American Idol. Oh I thought that it gas station and got caught. And it wasn't great and I wasn't sure there was like this copy. Place I would bass or are they took the from the current have a copy just don't need you to copy. And states that are that might sonic. These entire way to meet Jay-Z and at least security and I saw that Burger King are you Blake. They got real quick can we pull over any. You know I couldn't even make it into you look at Carter GOI says shouldn't we gotten but I won't break the front door this. All this. Everywhere. And great person precious. You have to let I just had pepper and order. You know and it snowed here as this thing quickly April showers. What are and I don't think we interview people at the miracle the right track in right back. Yeah so we know now it on Oprah I don't have. I don't have beyond. And is this. Yeah I'm disappointing Q your rules this kid just trying to find his way back. I was so worried about you I was worried that you're legitimately sick and I had no idea. Leading up you have such a great conversations such a great cover I had no idea an online site then immediately afterwards he was finding yeah going misty did chance because he was so cool. You had no right hey this is coming when he had to give you that he's going to Burger King gets on land owners as I'm gonna break the. I wanted to die its entire way to know how I wanted to die.