ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: How Often Do You Change Your Underwear?

Tuesday, February 20th

New British survey says 20% don't change their underwear every day!  We had to see how NEPA rates compared to jolly old England.


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You are saying. And great underwear survey of 2018. How England though you have to add that it is out of England correct. Yes this is a British survey but that's not the so it's bloomers. I think we have similar underwear habits says they do would you agree remove. It let's find out. Welcome Norman Johnny don't OK here aghast that they asked how often do you change your underwear or 20% admitted they Wear their underwear at least twice before washing it. 20%. That's like two out of ten people on the street a fifth of England 31%. Of the guys just 10% of the women so the British women. That to change their panties more frequent I don't think you'll find any American woman. That doesn't Wear new underwear every day. How often do you change your underwear I'm guessing by your reaction. Every day every day Dini clean underwear every day. How do you need clean underwear everyday have you ever gone a second day and I just go command up okay now I can't do it right and you a yes. CE union did I change my underwear every day. But there are times you have seen it yet laundries running low or if I've had a rather. Sweat free clean days huh half where there wasn't as sloppy in that region. As long career how they stretch a second day yeah. Clearly disagree if it has any type of skids it's dirty kids yeah at. They've been has skids it's dirty kids. I think we should take the first time caller did you have to give your name just tell us and they're not every day I'm just curious to see how we stack up against England took a no names how often do you change your underwear. At least right it's common older email. Do you think OK that's Nancy it now you know. Like I. Brett. We can't or I we got a nasty. Hi guys how are you change your underwear every every day OK good to listen Iraqi two days in Iran on normal years it how often you change your underwear. I mean this car up reverse angle barriers wears her underwear including you I guess more than once it's. Failures then there's this girl I see it land where the twice today since he's now why did really. I'm not eat I'm not leaving yeah very seriously they're this sort less likely to get Blake beat now. That is that is where you let no matter what down there it gets pretty warm now man. Are you labor do you work outside you working your hands. I I we're outside thought up yet and exert myself receive operator there's so I can't plan on Tara thanks I gotta go here's how you change your underwear. Absolutely every single day every day and night yeah America have you ever gone two days like stretch and other day and it never I agree with what that would go commando. That's call scares ego at the north EG your underwear yeah. Every day and yes there's another on the rigors of it. Now I would change twice today if by aliens from working outside yes when. That's why yet we're under hire special gone wild like underwear when it we just learned but not aware of monsters run the war on ourselves and in need. Hang on that should give me a second crash crashing your total allocation needs a laugh to keep everyday yeah.