ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Horrific HS Gym Memories

Friday, August 24th

A new study says some of us avoid going to the gym today because of bad memories of High School gym class.  Rocky & Lissa share a few of their more unpleasant memories of gym.

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Rackley let's ask. The reason a lot of us avoid going to the gym less if you had a bad experience. In gym class. Who didn't so. Yeah wily yet. I know one jerking your client is gonna never it is a bunch of them and they're saying. The results of this iris to university services 14% analysts surveyed felt awkward. And dressing in the gym I'm surprised numbers alone could that was always that was always the worst of hurt especially the first time June which was nice things like six grief from your cemetery reassure I didn't need you throw to guys like. That was. Any news of the day was coming they were announcer said Thursday. I don't getting out of junior of four dollars and tone and knowing that means guys. To hang over your had a week. And that was going to be a couple guys and we wouldn't care literature close out the others are dealing cowering in the corner. The lease guys don't usually talk about each other's nudity in the girls' locker room they point out he's getting movies and who's not really oh yes girls are there and I. Mood felt in some gala sucked. You guys took who did a terrible time. It's very awkward and it never got easier. In my school in north Jersey we have the sought after it was like the NE AU programmers some kind of national thing and they put us through this this test and beginning of the year. And you have whatever jumping jacks and climbing rope in real time view into the open a proficiency thing name they would rank you. How much anymore you where you rank how many points you scored. You would get a different color short. Solution that's her real and you only short shoot where for the entire year should be decided in sets up their branding US slow also for example. Stay there I regret that they gave they gave I. The sludge like the welcome race sure is an area. You're looking X is a guy in gold and purple like really. Cool colors especially in the seventies and so I. All fall out here for the entire year and worth a color I had a dirty gym class imagine sucking gray sure there's no hockey and there's no way he changes lighten up later in the year you know to wait till next year why even apply yourself you know great all year and sign yet.