ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Goat Yoga Recap

Thursday, July 13th

Rocky & Lissa recap their Goat Yoga experience with Janelle Dickson, owner of The Zen Barre Yoga Studio.

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Rocky Elisa. On flash point five JRC. Until last night. What we did some outdoor yoga but this wasn't typical younger and this of course was we don't yet know you'll hear you are out there we go our younger though yes. And I even didn't now a good person I know quiet and calm and nannies and we have. Celtics are back with us from these and our biggest. Now he's kind Alice anyhow I am good thanks again for last night as so much we had Summers front our listeners had a blast during their younger it was so cool. Yes I wanna know what you think that you tell ya that. I didn't just like it I loved it I knew I would like it. But it was an amazing experience doesn't go it's it's impossible to not smile everyone has huge smiles there's so much laughter. During that class but he's still got to work out everything about it was incredible. What. When it ending bragging first of his great junior outdoors but then when you have if you like forgo its. Run and all over the place and just the feeling of the go on your back as you're in half like some kind of yoga position. What is called why I wanted to go to get back up there I have three or four of them crawling on me and every time I got to I was like I have felt so good don't you think Iraq well yeah it. So what's going I'm Ken can peoples against any Dario your classes that are how many more you have coming up yet. He's done some spots open at a farm class which is August 9 and then if that fails we will add another class that all depends on the demand so ill that. You're not a huge demands trust me. Every round that was their last night they're like we need to do this again immediately. I know a lot of people love it has deleted the outside. Work out you know reduce your stress levels are lap you're allowed to laugh or talk about class people enjoy that. And we are instructor she didn't seem to get distracted at all by go through and all over the place and and people know laughing assure us. I don't even instructors he loved it will receive a perfect fit OK don't yell that's. She was still having fun you could tell and Diana go mama she was amazing to ensure a little kids how opener and they were putting. Little bundles of food kind of on your map so the goats would come over you I mean you're perfect. Yes they go through so much more social in the way Alaska. That's so every class I'm a little bit taller people but assault. I'll ask captain now. Every unless they're just with these huge smiles there are just like so then then you get that every day I must agree feeling sleepy but happy everyday. And it Beth thank you an idea I love it. And thank you know what he had to say to work as they get a few negative comments unfazed or rude. You just through and you know I don't know Bahrain where there were were you doing with eco trip to say those people. I did they get it's doing what you enjoy if we aren't doing the same thing but you know what would like be about how we ought to have differences and do things that we're passionate about being that we enjoy. You don't like gets up behind your back all the people like bill. We loved it and I think animals speak to people on a level similar to music you can't put it into words we have animal therapy or music therapy. It just speaks she on the human level where everyone relates to a. Yes I completely agree they're a bunch of studies that talk but that he would not let go it as. You know community service data on so it's cut. Well thank you again so much I can't even put it into words how much fun we had I hope everyone checks on 985 tiers he dot com for our photos and photos video it's all on their thanks again you know have you thought about things are coming a sure thing.