ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: A First on "The Walking Dead"

Thursday, February 15th

Season 8 of "The Walking Dead" premieres Sunday Feb25.  Executive producer Greg Nicotero tells Entertainment Weekly​ to watch for something we've never seen before on the show.  Are you ready for...


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Rocky Elissa I'm. And yes season premieres Sunday February 25 is gonna happen sometime. During the second season I know you're not a fan but use your familiar with the show of course yes. The first time ever. We'll see any fully nude walker. So when naked sounding talk to that. Old same sing it into partial nudity partial. Have a zombie sang about about why I'll tell you why because we're talking about it right now and there's pub. And they're having trouble ratings slipping do we need to see a naked zombie like in their never reveal whether it's going to be a mailer she I don't think I know let the zombies are always losing in dripping in parts are falling off inflation is hanging around by a threat to America's seen from the shining. The degree any in the bathtub yeah Jack just that's what I gather any SE. You know it's going to be female you know. So scarred by that they're done with the naked man hunt zombies are gonna see breast that is like hanging compound by really is this is that how far we need to go on the lucky that we need to do that for ratings come on. As you say this is better than my zombie go to idea I think zombie ghost would be way I'm actually feeling the zombie dealt thank compared to that anything with guards. C'mon.