ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Facebook Wants Your Nudes

Friday, November 10th

Facebook is asking for your nude photos.  That's their way of combating revenge porn.  A Rocky & Lissa listener apparently mis-heard the entire conversation.


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Rescue itself. Five and yards. Yeah FaceBook when she nude photos to her own protection less. You said that you're naked and out of Spain and Latin men and and it's like I won't give him the wrong hands they want an up in the wrong hands FaceBook will take care of it for you. Did they coach the pictures some house with your ex. Amber tries to expose these pitchers like revenge point. The ambulance yet because the photos have been code are reading some of the comments on the story we're just talking a couple minutes ago and all I can say is well played dirty FaceBook employee he wants laborious work. Well played indeed answer I. Please tell me the pitch meeting for this will be an SNL skit. It's it's true that this hundred no wonder I don't out of does bring it up Kirby Mervyn carnac. And just try my car radio while. I understand we need to fend cared they all of our naked photos and videos. You're you're heard correctly guessing you took from that an assassin. And I make sure they don't get out there trust no no no don't look at them in a safe place in a folder and I can watch them army okay. The knowledge he well Campbell found that only. Review them daily or you either you trust us more than FaceBook graph honestly. You know and cinnamon. You know all sellers who made you want. Tough kemba could Kennedys it's.