ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Ever Use Algebra?

Monday, July 16th

Big question Liss brought up Monday morning: Have you used Algebra since High School?

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You could join it Sunday point five C just a quick question yeah UN interns Nancy I'm just curious yeah so my high school reunion is coming up. I had to ours BP known because a champion Michigan a weekend night but on the FaceBook page they designed for. I said our guys themselves are can be damage also much just and is me being a wise and hammer has anyone used algebra yet ha. Toy or responses nobody in my class out of twice three got a response so far have use algebra since we graduated from high school I sort of all of the new. I am not I've not you haven't. Not at that and this is a lot my other teacher taught me and say you know it's not about using it it's about thinking in using your brain that is is and I said. Not algebra. It is about using it gives me something to me it's why I like geometry because it's something actually that made sense sure and it's just something I can apply. Algebra you can you apply its damage you know. How do you work in a pharmacy intern Sams I thought maybe you would be my best bet for someone that has used it. Actually. I had an oddly that was like my best subject in school again. I got eighties in algebra all the time but I've never used it some color wired for in some aren't out of her again with the X over Y equals the battle nonsense right pieces and. Because this. Do assign the next plus eight equals well. An area where real life did you use it I'm just curious I don't ever have no I think I. Yes that's my challenge laugh. You're as you know I manage engineer or happy or not. How did your next check it let's let's take twenty text and I just want you to say yes or no yes you know how to grow up you know you have not have you every used algebra. Tech scares you with yes or no yes or no to algebra. I don't know for a minute when does this skinny chicken that I needed algebra teacher. It was just so mad when you look at ever been used to. Every cent they've told you had fun yeah this rightly critical juncture we're gonna you gonna meet this.