ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Is Eating Pizza with a Knife & Fork a Deal Breaker?

Tuesday, February 13th

Would you think twice about dating someone if they ate pizza with a knife & fork?


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I'm ready plays five KE RC youth. What did you want an about the whole knife and fork bank. I got a gorgeous. On our tires. New England it's all. Well I don't see a. Yeah going to be next giant diet not dogs and yeah. You're right. You know you'll never find the guy. Happens. It ended so I don't know why I'm pretty didn't matter at all. OK the good I was nasty habits. I just embraces I don't think I ever did that went in so. I went in nineteen on the big dividend of one right for it since you were Smart attractive. Don't use the and they've been voted this postseason and I've been far yeah. Yeah deal breaker right I don't I it might have to be depends on personality like in the personnel you can bring it back out. But you know knife and fork I don't know that's that's tough I don't person might well my father doesn't. Hello let alone somebody that I would be US invaded that I would I don't know and you get your daily from queen's the guy from the Bronx tomorrow. Well I draw this. He's still a lot of it is surprising is that well back in the day earlier it was you know when he got when he turned into an older man he hit it started doing the night before. He didn't give back in the days are here in northeast PA securing a bold forged it's and you whereabouts the night and the fourth. Really to have bad. Sometimes it's too hot to just jump right in your mouth. I just pulls it. Whenever Jimmy talks a big game if Carly cost showed however some supermodel and start using nightingale arcana like ten. His standards would be done like that if holds its own early on like a slice of pizza I'm sticking up for you nice inform people I guess you don't ago and I threw for.