ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Earl Granville Interview

Tuesday, April 18th

Rocky & Lissa talked to Carbondale's Earl Granville, a vet who lost part of his leg in Afghanistan.  Earl ran his first Boston Marathon this week & ended the race by carrying his guide across the finish line!


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You listen mornings on many plays by. KE RC. You always hear I inspiring stories every year command of the Boston marathons but how cool is it that one of the stories and committee yesterday's race. Has a local angle carbon yells Earl Granville. He's been a lost part of his leg in Afghanistan back in 2008. Maybe your run out the tears to face to face last thanks so the video of him carrying his guy. Across the finish line with. American don't I know Earl he's an incredible dude anyway he's always doing these. Physical feats of strength raising money for wounded warrior project he's just always fire ball of energy so inspiring anyway pennies ominous for. Now and yes quite a thing. AM Boston TV station at the finish line yesterday for the Boston Marathon to capture that moment. Who elected him. Just a real man. Absolutely incredible did you put the entire world was watching or did you just do that in a moment and you just on as something to do. Well we did did in the moment so my man. The girl at hearings that he might guide the team and indeed in. A lot of heat and dirt is very that you America like 24 hour store events. Lead to a high mileage and they live in the tag along that mean we know about get a cheap guide me. And it was just kind of a spur of the moment in the game and it's okay profits they're guru and law so like it but today you're here and all the stuff they'll be able gallery curator of the whole way. I think. The press so this is like just the very end of the marathon yesterday and they had your guide on your shoulders pretty much in an American flag to we just made for just just an awesome photo yesterday embossed. Well yeah pretty much hit the deck belittle that men and he got to represent America than any no doubt. And you represented us I gotta tell you northeast PA is so proud of you and we have a little bit just racking I we have a little bit of a hero worship thing with you because you're like an ass kicker supreme anyway you're always doing he's amazing physical feats. And you doing so much for wounded warrior project I mean you're always doing something cool and positive. Well I think I had so much I mean I got to be error the air and they'll elect has grown. You know. Good at credit card. Just played amber and I guess you could say. He got there and elude them elect was nothing but that was my twin brother certainly after. You know when a downward spiral and learn how to pick myself up additional the world and I can't let it. He's that moment to find green and then in anything reach out to people that. This is the physical and mental well each element battling with adversity only the hardest shows electoral would you overpowered this stuff and I mean it is speculative. Nothing can accomplish. Now normally you bite the marathon was there any reason you decided to rent to walk and run yesterday. Last year. I I like the past three years if I this year and last year. I would at the finish line after a fight we put on the runners collude. It actually Indy she was running in as well like that I. I just waited just let her comments to all my teammate in the chilly brigantine rein it in their bowl double amputees. And I happen to be their attic crossed the finish line and it and one of them inspired me to run my first half marathon. Up late early last year and expert thinks that the music he had run that none of that Billy arrangements stuff. He said it's stepping up a little bit and run at this time it's for glad I did. Yeah amazing. Holy caddie did you know you are just on Good Morning America Tim. I you know somebody. That is the right where he called aviator Good Morning America that the. A crazy. Well are you enjoying all the attention or is it does like allergies. I got the Mike O'Donnell acquittal on. Panama and I'm up public speaker I talk about battling. That the hope adversity and physical adversity and when it opportunities like this happening just you know it's it could return to network myself the spread my message and perhaps that's what it gonna use this for. Well there's really appreciate this he had so many stories came out of a marathon yesterday night you know the Katherine switzer stories the first woman that ran the marathon fifty years ago she finished the race yesterday there was eighty year old guy from German. Grew three finished top in his class eighty years and up. Insured and jerked it yeah yeah. Yeah well you know and then your stirring and solve all matters is special day yesterday shortly now when are you heading back to nineties he had. Shortly possibly in an interview with art race. Artery is important here and I've I've worked at that quite a bit and anecdotes salad evident and hit the road. I somewhat thank you so much for taking time to talk to us there's so probably needed. And zero I go to Rick about that Byron Nelson Earl Grant Hill and again videos up and in tears he FaceBook page there is now. I mean a girl gone around. There isn't mean hang out I have to read it here because it's so funny and I don't know who made this they just showed up on the days back you'll get a kick out of science. We expect I have to senate to hand you may be tough. But you'll never be one prosthetic leg and girl over your shoulder carrying a flag over the finish sign of the Boston Marathon talks. That's a third call.