ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Don't You Wish There Was an Emoji for...

Friday, November 17th

Another amazing Rocky & Lissa moment you may have missed.  Don't you wish there was an Emoji for...


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Rocky Elissa I'm. The at Flickr Flickr's tweeting at us. I she was like a soccer goalie MOG they're like that there is a fencing a mode jeez like really whoever uses every years old Spencer guy and a guy that's say that would fed is tailback Ben. Thank you for decoding I would think soccer goalie would be used more than. Fencing guy. True that Webber does Texas got a seventy minute one the people emote geez. We talked about the different compared to coast in PR house nice have a variety sure they're lacking red heads. He may now he says we genders are neglecting yet again I'm never nervous and I. Yeah because when you when you click on the in my OG it gives you different skin tones. Or Austin race but the closest he never see red ads play. I'll leave my dad's there I had my niece is right okay by the time my niece has the Dow down red hey you need to have their rights. Needs to be heard now you are a harness and and why they have like five monkeys but only one dog CIA I I tweet a lot of our dogs too good credits that one little goofy looking poppy. And they've got little paw prints what happen of them now they just have bare footprints and a dog prince anymore. I'm monkeys really guy I. He's a monkey see monkey do 10 god yeah that's ridiculous monkeys on dogs found little monkeys I knew my actions and what's with the hair color on the dudes. That is that you don't get as much variety as you do with the women. The women's hair color changes every color except Brad as we found out we familiar cry which is blamed both. But with the guys doesn't matter you know you can be why in the African American stealth the same block there. Yeah looks weird. Guys you should not be cool if that strike ours is correct in yours and Galley who actually looks like that stand out. Remember she writes wow so what are you wish there was an mercy for a best we're talking about this going to abuse that then they're missing the boat and so many desperate and I need just puts so much time into this manual really dissect this a world in a mode you doesn't impress it's an error has some very deep subject you graduate you're really you know get. It. Answering I'm blown away we weren't every day I wanna be lazy when I'm texting my friends I don't want have to use my words. And it would nice little cute pictures to my gut talking jaw dropped and heads spinning like I'm sitting in a Mensa meeting or something like that gap close similar.