ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Dating Advice for Chewy

Tuesday, February 13th

Tonight, KRZ's eligible bachelor Chewy meets 3 single women all vying for his attention.  This morning we had listeners give him some last minute advice.


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Iraqi list. Authorities on the heat point five AR ZM and are eligible bachelor re Jimmer cheery looking for lows tonight just three lovely ladies who have increased selected by I see enlist Beth thank you I love from everyone that responders and want to be one of these three special ladies that we in the limo tonight and and volunteers and I'm I'm I'm I'm pretty excited I trust them in good hands here with that was Celtics are oh. Thank you want to accelerate. Yeah that I won't hang out these people assume and we're sending you on your own we might make when the Rockies and alas today on the nuggets. And Lisa Evans style Nasser limousine is taking us down we have chocolate creations and tech bill that made these beautiful gift thanks gore just for Valentine's Day grew. Motorola Nestle you know icebreaker yes on tonight's staff Kim has some advice where jury are those here at the second. I mean that he had where his mode comfortable pair of underwear just. Now hear me out high end up being bad because you don't want to be had just being yourself yes it's a lady right that's good. Economy sends us. Hey it. I went on a date with somebody like him and me yet yet I don't know what was wrong with him. But he just kept cabinet in South Bend light I would like it hit tranquil lake subtly making the birdie hit him knee or what the hell is going on so. All right hang on where you are down oh can I play the less well yeah Harry boxer the recovery I. Considering a salary there otherwise known. I silicone my underwear is comfortable out there and I think that she's right it's very distracting daunting that some guys who didn't really think dealing them yes she's night pervert I've I've. He's learning all you good luck. Here please analyze it yeah how worried here and a great. Job here yeah your army you're studying how worried about it. Well thank you allies to. If it doesn't work out single on your new yes good. Year old daughter I don't like it does or. You're listening by the bowling Alley and I got back Clint already. Reverted thanks to a golf and I thank the fastest. A sweetheart for the takes you to tax that you need to yes haven't seen anyone. The first one fan page she really girl who stuff their face at dinner is the one for you could she's not afraid to be herself. Well that's pretty I agree with that I have heard great things that I right at chocolate these sin that is it's and that's sloppy food I don't say this is slowly getting better though because like Lamar I'd pizza and bonus is pretty cool what if one of the three uses a knife and fork she sees flew. I had right now that nights and four I or she goes in from Mike Bennett and across dangle I've seen people do that before it started to cry. Our gross I've seen people aliens yet know and she's got to make sure she's aggressive just OK all right you got this is good scenario death. Etiquette and the final check yet she lead just be yourself and show your confidence have funny remember they are nervous TO. All right well thank you text clubs the yeah unto all good advice right there. People can't wait for Smart here how went so no pressure miles and all you got an historic event in icu.