ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Crime-Fighting Cows

Wednesday, August 8th

Amazing story of the day:  A herd of cows helped catch a car thief in Florida!  And check out the actual police radio audio.

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You can join us on an eight point five KRC it's almost like click bait you see the headline and you wanna hear more and it's a true story you thought this whose I think news or something. That's why didn't Clinton I thought this has to be a hoax that headline herd of cows help cops catch suspect deep deep usually used stereo herding cats helped police make an arrest Monday in Florida. The animals began chasing a woman threw feel there should she dish to stolen car. Allowing a helicopter. To tracker location we actually have audio this is police scenario of an all going down in Florida Monday. Sites that help settle for simple foresight celery bailout. It drivers Billingsley got passed through vehicle. Actually the large group of house is following her perfect visual. But you beat attacker. We're gonna lure them you know luckily we're go on the air because SE. Pretty far afield did you see the larger house. Case and there is being you know I posted on the cares he faced a page it happened in Neitzel is like night video and used immediately Tommy Kelly yeah did you see that the white cows and you see this little fractured type object not wrap and that's suspect and that put decals on pair romantically zoned us. Yes the beauty of I heard they cornered the woman at a fence and police just returned to custody you know thanks to herd of cows unbelievable is not gonna face that I heard. I'm not familiar with how farms work I love it believe what she keeps you trying to outmaneuver that you can't outmaneuver her cows don't.