ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Clogged Toilet at Future MIL's

Wednesday, April 19th

Heather called Rocky & Lissa to share a story about the time her new BF clogged the toilet at her parent's house.  But there's more to the story...


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Went out on medi plays sideline. Talking about the at Texas toilet lady Perry can get stuck in its pilot she's trying to clog it did have a plunger. And sure he's wearing a watch. And the watch is what got her hands stuck down there. And call 911 day at a remove her wit the toilet and spirited from the plumbing and then smash hit outside. Basically busted things open to free therefore to lady. But the deal listen to a song dance I actually don't Wear a watch an employee health. Time. Yes there was all of her FaceBook guys yesterday sore asking about that time you clogged the toilet worst place on earth and there was a U. My husband did it way that we were just starting gate Ang Lee had going to visit my pairings this was very early on in their relationship. He might use the bathroom and it's a tiny little just a powder room. The down and my parents first floor he went he is adamant he would and there are really long time he. And you know we're kind of like. What's really only in my sneezing and Arum really really loss behind you know. And he. He finally come Val and he's kind of got the look on east lake he had did something really bad. And where LA oh my god what soul finally got me like alone he'd like. I clogged the toilet and he'd like it smells really bad and I broke. He is like I opened a window and I Roque. No I'm not yes not only did clogged the toilet but in trying to open a window tech bear out that tiny little bathroom. He opened a window and broke the build wind out. It just dollars yes he did it tell anybody hell. My mom called me like the next day and she's like you know what happened in the basket. Well he's I guess. And ilsley. As to what. And I'm like yeah. I'm like I am sorry. That would be my boyfriend Eric Mangini like. All YUK. And I'm like it. Would you. Like I want the toilet and I broke their window and it. Did your parents say anything to him about it or have they spoken about it to this day. Oh yeah it became a joke and afterward like he had to go to the bathroom it will Blake don't break the window. Yeah I can't imagine like every time I'm every time I go to the bathroom. I would hysterical he's I like my mama even match you have just like that is hallway area like what happened here.