Wednesday, February 15th

Rocky & Lissa talked to one of the emerging voices on the music scene...Calum Scott.  Hear him talk about his upcoming album, his first impressions of the U-S and his emotional performance on "Britain's Got Talent" in front of Simon Cowell.


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Yeah enlist them. It's on Monday qualifier ARC. Leaving. Him. Yeah. Chills sudden IE eight point five KR AZ its 7-Eleven. We love to be catching up with a recording artist brightest things are just start now happen he's going to be huge challenge Scott dancing on my own just start to break any zone with rocky and let's right now. Hey hey take us back a couple of years. Basically you're your big moment was during Britain's got talent. And there you are you have to file your sister on the show. You have to restart at Oakmont in Bristol we want the most stressful performances in my life of honesty about it. Yes and you pay a crucial got your says she's family and you probably sweating to begin with is you're going to be performing in front of us Simon Cowell but you nailed it. That was the thing you search. It's such a while we're into the martian not stay with kids you know market that got beat that needed she she discovered my voice before I discovered it Arafat had to -- get me just singing and then fact that it's August Blogspot Simon onstage and the public got infected. I'm you know I'm telling I'll start times today. Console I'd knock on the you're there well we have a margin well well you know what I want politician back until eight feet until Luke feel really you know the whole thing did you feel like a bit of a three you know yeah. I have to tell you we get so many requests or challenge Scott dancing on my own was that really reported in your bedroom. Article about those where are we fought in difficult hole in the northeast of England beat duke it expelled into the that the summit be there almost every corner of the walls. I cannot came on my bedroom just it just makes me chuckle that we cannot live on the day. Being eight million aren't security are. In the hot London and then it was it would literally in my badger and partly inspired the people as well but you know it doesn't mean you have to be spending. The ability to all you know beat you. Specific location to be able to make you did you know you can you can quite easily make music on the armor and editor we are. And if you believe in your popular then hopefully will prevent them from your predicament. Well I think you're such a good following here in Pennsylvania you need to come and plays Scranton Pennsylvania. I'm items are ready to put Pennsylvania I don't even think I'd be being to Pennsylvania us. I'm Scott at dancing not on my own of course this summer plane hearing cheers each did you have a big guy coming to America moment where I don't know you saw the statue delivered the year Empire State Building or order your first Domino's Pizza or something like that some big American moment. When my manager called me just say. I have some incredible news though that what is it like we're gonna with the American golf with some huge record label I was like. Walk and you yeah everything was civil guard to new Yorker I'm gonna go to Atlantic. And to have never beaten for the fate befall the go to new York and people arms Scola. And then to go with our LA and see the Hollywood sign and walk payment everything my mind that it's completely struggled. Well we hope to see much smut to our year end when he seventeen over here in the US specifically Pennsylvania and do you have it release date for the album. It would free break let typical mark Pennsylvania I'm. My album each year brings so much. We. Doing some final things I'm I'm in the studio in my October called. Most of the content on you know power and an official get some officials on the and in. And make sure that beverage in the kingdom ready to be some liquids are still likely that are still think the local market but we can fulfill the cola. Colin continue to assess our best to like the Daniel we hope to see you in. MTA sometime this year. Thank you love it's been a pleasure talking to guide the controller camera if thank you to the station until all the litmus Brett again behind me it. You'd have no idea how much this is changed my life I'm just our property my dream to creature with a good you guys are bunt. So much is it that scouts but I thought thank you so much died what you thought and serious. I could see how we are personal I love it when an artist remember. That radio stations play their music so nice and I remember that he might just add Levine paying me five years ago I never forgot it yeah. Thank you for playing my music examine a lot counts got down to earth. Promise is gonna play TA we would love to have him sitting right over there is related show or summer smash oriented you know just in studio any plane for a strike.