ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Bizarre Crib Offer at IKEA

Thursday, January 11th

IKEA has a special offer on cribs for expectant Moms.  But have you heard what you first must do to get the discount?


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You listen I don't skies. I. So what do you think about this. I know you like. Some of these offbeat marketing ideas your family with IKEA. Right now when the Philadelphia off I key of course the as a furniture than any. Directions hard to understand your resume peace is right there in Virginia and kind of breaks in about for months but it's a great deal anyways. They got this up promotion. For our pride and women to receive. Discount on a crib. Let's draw right in a good idea and half so I what you do is you take the head for Craig as the paper. And you pee on it and if he changes color luck. Are pregnant you get the discount. It here Lou that is happening in Sweden right now no no no no no that's what they're they're NEC's come up with not available yet in the US how would you like to DNA. EI key employee accepting those coupons. Com opinion think of that Jim got enough. Are you sure this is real dirt churn up your peers in this up insured your own any other Rollins has no idea. Bad. Really I didn't accept the coupons again holds my turn yesterday about the poor adoptive parents I'm sorry you didn't feel anything. We don't care about your baby when a fan as I got to Sweden and take full price if she.