ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Asleep at Work

Wednesday, December 6th

Tell us about that time you fell asleep at work.  Abraham gets call of the day on this!


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Yeah listen this is just let. You'd think detainee inside 98 point five AARP. All this talk of falling asleep at work started with a Waffle House guy. I got there expect to be greeted by a smiling Waffle House employee. Instead I was greeted by nobody yet. The guy who is supposed to be awake at 3 o'clock bear slowly took Cooke waffles how cold he was asleep so Waffle House guy incident waking him when in Anchorage is a breakfast and back later and pay for an even cleaned up after himself from him so it's pretty cool you Aybar and you are falsely to work. Yes I did I. I was done during overnight security for FedEx warehouse my button on the shirt was broken so our eyes they'll fall asleep on the chair and end up. Drivers are coming in and now one of them had taken a picture we showed my boss and unfortunately I got fired but in the picture my bosses showed read my stomach was passed out I was girls would always. It was horrible lows the low. I'll ever have in my heart aches for you there's no explaining it is like a just a couple of minutes Lou are you bigger dude where like Italy. Really the bigger a bigger guy late heavyset guy. I'm coworker that doesn't do the decent thing just like keep your foot below and nudge you gotta do wake up he takes a pitch your Indians into your boss that's shady. But it affected. Yeah I was or most horrible. On Sosa had happened CEO. Look at it it's are actually got up of those job last. Almost no fear and laugh about it that's good and he's somebody does so on those buttons yes. IC chairman assembly summer happen around here we really don't ask anybody falls asleep on the job member of the Daley told Freddie we're gonna shave his eyebrows because if. We weren't gonna do it though he's just a playful empty threat right.