ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Ariana Grande's Reaction to a Fan

Monday, August 27th

Check out the audio we played Monday morning of Ariana Grande stopping her show because a fan screamed out: "Can you start again, I wasn't recording?" Was this a great move on Ariana's part or was she encouraging obnoxious concert behavior?

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Rocky endless down. Arianna brought he's been doing these in today's shows the last couple days to us celebrate the release her new album and I guess it's like super fans only know. This weekend session between acting like a thousand in 2000 fans soon lucky ones my friend yeah hardcore fans. So this happened I believe was an LA over the weekend and we're gonna come to blows this regarding disagree on. The way she reacted on stage the slit the audio speak for itself and then now we'll get your take on here's Arianna. Okay. It's. It's. Okay. Okay. So some Bozo fan there is more concerned about you know getting video on her phone. 80 Arianna yells out can you start again I wasn't recording and our analysts. Does not see this is just encouraging band concert behavior really as soon. Kidding me she made a funny moment out of it and she started again I love even more now how many other as far as we're just say hey. Put the phone down and enjoy the show they'll they'll pay as like root concert via this route I can't believe I can't believe era supporting this. No I wouldn't he'd listen if somebody did it to me because I'm almost as popular music players are and I got it was there now I mean. As a performer you would do that he would make a defining moment and start again she handled it like an absolute pro doesn't love her more after that who does not let her marsh high segment total solid you couldn't do it again. And it was crude yes and you couldn't pull it again I don't think it's funny twice now. Reward bad as she did she rewarding not all of this and knowing concert be ever it's bad enough someone's more concerned about getting a video that is true then he's experienced a moment but to yell after you start again I wasn't read. You Shiite or construed as a 100% fruit. But her reactions you it was bad bank town.