ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Adam Rippon's Mom

Monday, February 12th

Quite the Olympic debut for Adam Rippon, the 28 yr old figure skater from Clarks Summit.  We talked to Adam's Mom Kelly as she was making her way to her son's medal ceremony.


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Rescue itself. Yeah and they are crazy night last night if you're watching on the Winter Olympics and emirate funds from Clark's comments helped Byzantine as figure skating team wins. V bronze medal theory is after his junior flawless. Performance take us through the range of emotions you experienced out there is especially at the end of that her. You know injury concerns me back to six years ago I took a chance I moved to Los Angeles attorney with Rafael I tinian. I had no money. I lived in his basement and I had enough money to be a member of the Jensen still although Apple's in the gym pistons fans. I couldn't like afford groceries. And then the six years later. I'm here. I'm here at the Olympics. That's unbelievable. And in a van on I believe on her way to the Olympic village this is Adam's mom. Kelly rip I'm Kelly thanks you're going all of us who appreciate it. You gotta be so proud this morning after Adam's performance last. Oh my gosh well it with this morning for date the price is right it. Don't light yet this day is built that day in and yet. Yeah you like a day ahead of us write something like and up court yap working hours and OK it was incredible yeah he would you know what he really kept it together. Now that a lot of pressure you know it just actually and then you'd have to keep its focus and do his job. And what was it like there you know being. His mom in person in this year's sun finally you have extreme temperature to be an Olympic performer. You got you know Canadian army team and his treatment early give you know I haven't. Clean skate and hit your first time on Olympic I earth standing ovation was amazing. He really let. Seems so poised and relaxed now like he's been he's been in the Olympics before. I come home. Now you even look like them or not you know it can look it doesn't like it ebonics that he would dare look any other thought OK you know I'll pull it together and I thought coached this kind of like rather hand the likes. Talked to him like look at and say something and then. He. You know giddy Bradley he's very relaxed. Now clear this up because we're not too familiar with the scoring process but the resounding feeling between rocky and I and everybody and the Internet with that he got the shaft how do you see. You know what eighth when hear anything for a long he has sometimes you know he is get scored. Where he feels that he's. Sixty and other days you don't really wouldn't have mattered today because. For me hate you program love to see wanted to do it safer program set because there was a team event. As he wanted to try and it's how. Low risk for the high flyer after all be here he learns. That he would rather have a performance like today and how the innovation that. Q how would you know he bought the hires or. Sure again this is Kelly rip on an emirate funds mom live from South Korea agreed to a debut last night for Adam and the other Winter Olympics did you have a chance to see our might to Rico's interview with Adam. I did not I'm I didn't Wear and separate interview courts suit cal I didn't see anything but it just came from the battle there OK well all know. Yeah and that's what I that I didn't stand there taking us from the medal ceremony down to the poster but they're where. The Today Show it. Snow who asked that they're gonna excuse that well it's your morning but it's fine I felt my. Mike Tirico asked him how he's staying focused and everything's happening and he did mention you reset my mom always taught me to stand up for when I believe that. Yeah I yet. Hot topic is so sweet though didn't he mentioned you a lot like you raise him to be such a strong person how does it feel that so many other people young people especially are looking up to him is this this. Model of strength for what he believes in what he stands for. Yeah like I think that. It really happy he is perseverance that he had friends. Think so disappointed in that he doesn't fourteenth he isn't such a strong position to make the eighteenth. At its best scanning that the US men and that and yet having the flu like the sport national and six heading give his best performance that national thing here is games. Get me to be so cheap chic and he really felt devastated and and I said to him that night he knew he never did that cruel there is so cruel that it would take away says chance to be going to that Sochi Olympic. And let there's something even better and your arm he believed that and I think that this is what it is because they think. He's mature enough now that he can. Have a voice for other people aren't as confident enough that. These people play her for a vote yes at our you know debt field. Martian life. Searcher good job with that one mom were so proud and am I remember your anatomy and our studios little teeny skater back then it's. I think I'll open you can. It's junior world right yeah well yeah I think you know what he had just the. That we were listening to your radio EU and you're doing that so that's right and sleep when he looked learning how to drive. That's when you with a 1718. Learning how to drive I would have pushed the American you know the invisible brake pedal on the path just. Right well give atom are best will be watching Thursday when he go solo. And half as all of northeast PA lot of them think huge thanks Kelly I don't think healed but I got I see it live from South Korea tennis and heart. Chilly grip on Adams among.