ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: 8 yr old superstar Owen

Monday, June 26th

8 year old Owen Shykolfski of Tunkhannock sold lemonade this weekend to raise money for neighbors that lost everything in a fire.  Someone stole the $50 that he collected.  But this story has a happy ending.  Owen & Owen's Mom were on with Rocky & Lissa to finish the story.

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How he had us some good news locally over the weekend but it didn't start out is good news this is a story out of time mechanic eight year old oh in a shock koskie set up a lemonade stand. And it's and we yard sale on Saturday. You want to raise money for the victims of last week's house farm every so history have turned that's so sweet moment to help he raced fifty dollars by the end of the day. But he took his eyes off the in the money for like a split second somebody walked off with a cache still all this from and they hear any from an eight year old it's always grandma posted the story on FaceBook. And Owens' mom Bolivia's all of this right now she's gonna tell us the rest of the story. Eileen yeah what have the next morning how I don't pretty. So after the money was stolen and don't grandma put it up on FaceBook then what happened. How women and Al. Oil we jets hat to people all reaching out to wanna come into my daughter. Started when I know welcome bullied child up and running to get back our. Mean come after they heard the story. We've. Have a line our daughter object. We had kind. Where do people I know I'm green Craig you know what I and my giving him money can be what you don't give a breakdown because. You know you hear Bob Wright who's trying to do something to act. How does an eight year old get get that is mind that he wants to enter helped this family is okay -- lost everything. Well you know I don't write about my count is down Osama how he's gonna fire and it really affected him. You know you can really upset about it. And he got anything to do the lemonade stand and then he asked if he could donate. The money into the fire and everything we can absolutely. And that he had to really. I'm I'm not that I'm gonna end. It. My god yeah. Kids and you know you like seven hours so hard greens I don't have automatic. More than my. Yeah I mean you really saw a notify many we were now so he went eighteen. And I'm and I make. The irony is I am. So when his original fifty dollars a day on our winning his original fifty dollars cost on which is awful. But then everybody rallied and brought him more money what did he end up with what amount to meet in the end. I don't know how he handled it 200 dollars. I'm money coming in they're actually setting up an account at a bank won't be because so he brought them our uncheck the I mean and relax. I mean everybody can try and checks it I don't think about the bank. Pay his own right they're truly telling the job you can that young superstar on the tenth I don't. Here's the most says. Now I know I we came into. Our. Still Lawrence heard her. That only he. Can. Any of our. But you guys on hold hers tell you this fact is America. Are very lead. Following a nice job I know I'd started out kind kind of a negative story but. The entire community just supporting you and we supports a theory carriers each. And good for you good job for your. Some yeah. Only thing you're still knowing that something you did meet so many people happy. Yeah we all all all. The end it. And OnStar there was something you said on channel sixteen last night that really got to all of us what were those three special words again. 018. Are good congress have always does or right handed you proved it this weekend in time Canada. So there you go. We'll let you go sweetie we know you're busy back pay ours he thinks you are amazing. Ready go on. All aren't. The isn't little sister jumpin 5056. The story is up on the actors he faced for fades yes and you know when I first read the headline it was like money store for me year old child when they say if you believe it went home then slowly things changed within an. Our they really should put in the headline but he won't be mad at the end of the article I think it.