ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: A 4 Yr Old's Priceless Reaction to "Beauty & the Beast"

Monday, March 20th

Proud Dad Joel called Rocky & Lissa this morning to share his 4 yr old daughter's priceless reaction to "Beauty & the Beast" this weekend!


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I. It's that big numbers over the weekend for Beauty and the Beast always at the biggest march opening ever ever 170 million. That's just North America right Kris changed just getting stars are talking about the movie and now we got some reviews and in this column came. An amazing yeah actually. Much better. I have version actually expand the story in certain parts they got more an idea what was going on your backgrounds. How did you do other male perspective I was not expecting the first review to be for me dude. Did you go because you were a fan of the movies growing up or did your girlfriend drag you. I was a little bit of all of that my daughter. He's nice but yeah. Sure it the whole theater erupted in laughter and applause. Out when Josh die each hit the market. German girls or old Busch Series hears someone say. I outages that Ukrainian judge. Actually you can. Well I love that. And that great. Out yeah. So maybe it'll be a little four year old when you receive it's not bad. And so few people so it wasn't for a kid but I mean it depends on your kitten.