Tuesday, May 3rd

98.5 KRZ Hot Picks 5-3-16


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Discourage you or me. It's an Eddie boy's five KRC. I'm actually. This week's edition of your yacht. Our big guys up six point need to turn your 98 point five charity or give you free new song when I'm doesn't want you take a listen to them and starting this week you about what your favorite hole beloved dead. If you're our first scare you off that comes from a girl for the last few years no legal battles her career we all know about catching doctor Lou. You shut out from making music because his doctor Lou but that is all behind her now cash returns with superstar DJ and producer is. Zach we've featured true colors businessweek's. There's the hot game hey you know guys we love featuring brand new artists like guarantee hot next summer doing that again we're giving you can't see your brain music first and this be the hardest. Keith dropped her first single golf obsolete when he fourteen that was after her elimination. Before I just like many of the new orders to come out songs struggled really become the line however don't tell that 41 year old Long Island native Mel Martinez. Her debut album Friday and her first single. It's Jersey topic spot this week are. Our final topic comes from Taylor swift's love in international DJ producer sensation Calvin Harris so we can assume will be the first single off the new album which at this point is just speculation. Thought we had a billion will be out by the summertime it's just bond. Governor steams up the freon and his latest project this is what you came here for. Featured hot thing this week. Our guys got this guy who likes to listen all of really cared he topics below and then vote away remembering your healthiest of the brand new music. Don't forget to check back weekly more scare you topics right here 985 guaranteed dot com. Rich boys and make your greatly.