AUDIO: Yoga Pants + Seth Rogen's Mom

Thursday, May 10th

Seth Rogen's mom wants to know ... do other women in yoga class want to know when they are SHOWING a lot of themselves in their yoga pants? 


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So Seth Rogen is a very funny guy and not I imagine it's hard to embarrass him yeah. Well his mom did on Twitter he's probably the one McConnell on the Twitter to talk her how to tweak very well the other day here's what his mom sandy posted quote in yoga. When you can see the very private parts of the woman in front of youth through her pants and should do you tell her. Cut cut cut cut. Maybe the person behind me can see the outline of my private parts dilemma. While south was mortified but hey if he tweeted back. Jesus mom then she wrote well it was real and I wonder share really would've wanted her cool who not who locked. Look her who who. Salt obvious. At that point all south could Muster was mobbed. Could affect. Elmo yeah listen would you say something to a woman if she was in front of you when you'll get and you could very clearly see everything. I try to live by age like do unto others as I would want done and to myself right where you want people telling you that. So if it was a friend didn't. Well this is not a friend. Strange germ. Yeah. Family and a hug your first and tell me and I've got something going I'm tough I pray tell are up. She earth. I ask a question that only a guy would wander through life can't you feel. Or sense. That you're revealing. One would thank you would. But I am also someone who believes in wearing underwear daily I don't think they doing yoga classes so I'm thinking that maybe this is you know said the person who was not wearing undergarments. Bend over and say hello. Loved.