AUDIO: Why Don't We Fans In Studio

Tuesday, June 19th

Jeff + Amanda invited a group of Why Don't Fans into the studio after finding out they drove 12+ hours to come to KRZ Summer Smash! 

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We just heard about a group full of kids driving up from the south to go to KR is these summer smash. We drop them right here in the studio after driving how many twelve hours well. So we're talking big Gabby and three and you have your -- happy with the movie with Steve yes and that's Nikki well. That's short for gas free Allah other long parents are just making not the name I. And lucky parent she has a cool they aren't Jaffe and brie and your friends are here so which band is that you're not so involved why don't we oh my god be yours sixteen and your parents let you drive twelve hours to a concert in Pennsylvania yeah all the way from South Carolina and allow. Other southern yeah. Sound yeah oh my god I can't believe your currency and allow the do they know you have there our car these cuts my card it's you'll have a car guess. Damn kids now they're. Certainly not and they keep referring them as the boys and I can't get over the stolen your Rajon couldn't leave my block I. If your only car driving halfway around the country. It's really cute there is telling me that why don't we really likes to pull play I assume you have hotel accommodation you did think that part out right yes yes OK okay. That's good. No place to stay that's not their car gas monopoly of. These hairs he's ever smashes tomorrow what are you planning to do. Until then on we are planning on trying to find jacking tank got chassis guys in a stock at the Kirby center. Yeah even driving back and forth and myself all day those crazy don't hit in any case and that's. Well thank you from making the long drive you're gonna have a great time tomorrow night and we're glad you're part of it thank you and I held the boys will be happy to. Always made you listen up I could not be here listening. Dad gave a decade.