AUDIO: Who Gets Plane Armrests?!

Friday, November 17th

When you're in a row of 3 seats on an airplace, who gets 2 armrests? 


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All right let's get the debate going. You walk down the aisle of a plane. And you probably knew this already but the reality sinks and that it's three seats across and York in the middle there. And it's even worse when you're flying alone you don't know the person on each side is ready so let's pretend that's the scenario. Your flying alone your and 24 a B and there are strangers than 24 a and 24 C while getting comfortable Europe in the air. I think the natural inclination is I wanna put my arms on the armrest yeah I've thought all three of you cannot. Well OK you'll lean to one side to. Please let what do you say everybody lean to the right well. You don't even know these people see one person gets chewed themselves exactly. In my mind. The middle person should get those two inside once you have there are beginning compromise that. Our position you're right if your on here the window seat you can lean against the side of the plane or I sometimes lay my head on the window out. If you are on the aisle first of all you get to control the flow of traffic to the bathroom. And you have to be careful your knee isn't going out and B I exactly spilling out anyway come down without a little beverage trade I was in the most sound asleep last time in the woman crash right in in my leg look how inconsiderate. You know when I play with my husband. We kind of that we share an arm rest in the way that like she'll take the front I'll take them back. That's the only sharing you can't do side by side cheering for example your elbow on right did you either need to like take a friend in the back but that's only if you know that the person not a stranger nobody wants to be and that middle seat to begin when it's always the people who book the last sure you get the two arm rests if you're in the middle safe so then that would force the person but in the window to lean to the last and have one armrest and the right person at the IL -- right and have that are well you can still sit upright and have only one arm wanna. You know let me out plain isn't gonna flip upside down out like if you don't have to Levine the one side just I don't know I kinda feel like if you're only gonna get one here and only a little bit.