AUDIO: When Children Realize Your Real Name

Tuesday, July 10th

When did your child realize you had a name other than MOM or DAD? Amanda's daughter heard her call her husband by his name and now thinks it's hilarious to shout "John" randomly. 

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You made an interesting discovery about Everly this weekend oh my gosh so yeah she. Heard me call my husband by his name we use I usually calls him daddy and I know her but I happened to call him by his name. Sean and now she thinks it's hilarious to shout John randomly. Because we can't help the last everytime she does it. So I just ascent he spoke when did your child to realize you had a name other than mom or dad. It's around now only two or three years old I think they start picking up on the fact that you have another name Beth said. This weekend her son heard her husband yelling for her so now he walks around screaming. And and and this may sound as foreign things at hello funny to call me they need us all know because he obviously here's someone else calling her babe. Un Jeane said my Darrell occasionally Hamid gene and I die every time last thing I can't help it CC said. Play almost three year old gets a kick out of saying. Cummings Stacey. When I call for him to come here coming up I kindly explain to him that my name is mommy to him. And crystal said my daughter will randomly common husband Richard when she wants him to get her something. A Pritchard guess all stuffed up.