AUDIO: What could Pennywise lure you with?

Tuesday, September 12th

What would it take for Pennywise to lure you into a sewer? 


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So about a 170 million dollars was made this weekend by the movie it and it stars a very scary looking creepy clown called penny wise he terrorized his. Little children. So the opening scene a little boy is he has a little like paper sailboat playing with a along the curb stone. Ms. water running down the side of the street then takes the cell boat sailing down the street. He chases after it goes right into one of those sewer drain every preview show's best. And then you look send to try to see if he can see the sailboat and you see a pair of eyes. Staring upwards. From down in the sewer it is penny wise. Now this is where they stopped showing you in the trailer but apparently what happens is. He shows the paper ball to the boy to entice him to reach into the sewer. And when he does do you know what happens is they sent his arm off of the party reps is arm off the boy's body. Welcome to a children's movie kids at a we're gonna have a little fun. Here's our question for you when you can taxed at 72881. Or you can call an 800. 2220985. Have fun with this what would it take for penny wise the cloud to Laura. Into the sewer Amanda. A twenty dollar scratch off lottery ticket. Now I'm in one dollars three dollars five dollars ten dollar cheap ones are gonna fly any dollar you never get those those are expensive scratch off lottery ticket. You now. How you do have high standard Zaid weddings through your. Well think about it I would not region for a five dollar we know gust blocked now I get it's got to be something that excites you knew. I immediately thought of a big stick. She you've been a big ring size Cuban cigar. If I saw that I would want to reach in and take it. Or come to think about a healthy set of movies might make yeah I was gonna say about iPod hall Swedish blonde woman.