AUDIO: Toys R Us

Wednesday, May 9th

Jeff's "Mommy Song" for Mother's Day is going to need some editing with Toys R Us closing! 


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Seven a man. And that JRC. At times. Sometimes yeah tell me anything it's AM yeah okay. That 98 point. Stay ours they Amanda's going public god if that was ever leaves little voice of their I'd be sobbing running out. Ali because even every time she says Levy no it like tells me it like I don't know just melts my heart so I can't even imagined and I even know those kids and I love them. One group I. That's the rice kids you brought up a good point right near the end of the sign the little boy was talking about every time he's good Islamic takes them to Toys 'R' Us to pick out a toy yeah not anymore now. And how about what was that Friday some mother abandoned a child a man that abandoned it in and send yeah I Toys 'R' Us how insane is that some greens there weren't even any to poison the store for the baby to play with. In a year and a half to update their mommies song and change it to when I'm good my mommy pulls up the Amazon app and let's media isolate that's what all five year old talk about why actually they probably do nowadays.