AUDIO: Toothbrush Debate

Wednesday, February 21st

Do you put water on your toothbrush BEFORE or AFTER you put toothpaste on? 


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Go jump big jet that Amanda. Yeah. And so the big debate on Twitter is do you poured water on your toothbrush before or pass dirt did toothpaste. I've been taking a lot of text messages here 72881. Here's a sampling. I put the water on before the toothpaste same reason you put water on your hands before salt. Yes so doesn't go on a wealth if you don't pre moistened. Let's see I put water before and after the toothpaste. There are cool particles in the air put on people yeah come on. Let's say this is Derek ample water on my toothbrush after the toothpaste I feel that makes the toothpaste fall mop better. And occur in my mouth. Oh this is interesting I'm in a car with four different people. One of us puts water Iran before one must ask her one Abbas both times and one of us doesn't even use water. And finally I save this one for last 72881. I'm from Knox and what's toothpaste. That's pretty funny.