AUDIO: Stripper Names

Wednesday, August 15th

Have you ever been told you have a stripper name? 

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We are asking you have you ever been told you have a stripper name sometimes it's very. And heartbreaking to people when they realize strippers enjoy using their name. A friend of mine named her daughter amber and then was informed by many friends all left you know that's a stripper name. So were asking you would have Colin are taxed if you do have a name that you've been told exotic dance worth enjoy. At 7081. All the time that my name is Roxy yes all my dog yes also my name is kitty so yeah. My fiance is sister's name is dying mention. By the way her middle name is storm her name is Simon why aren't enough. And you know what the tragedy here is these are actually very unique in trusting name yeah. That seemed to have kind of Bob they've been tarnished a little because people think of a view as taking off your clothes for money not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that because I I may have frequented a few of these places in my life. Seventy anyone I didn't think I had a stripper name until Jeff just said the sexy black see Alexi here thanks Jeff but. Here's the funny thing I love. The name for Alexi maid Sarah I absolutely. Love it and it's usually short straw like Alexandra. Also on someone named Angel texted us and said yes she gets that a lot I knew an Angel. From haseltine many years ago she an exotic dancer now but she was delightful wishy in Dallek knows. She was delightful. Gosh yes so I thanks for holding. I don't have a good Bernanke however I doubt asking are still you've been named after Blaze Starr with the Brenda my parents felt. Blaze Starr you know that. I think the Americans you're three ought to look it up that's a stripper name. I. Want. If not it's different but yeah I just are bringing out. Now I feel like we're being mean to exotic dancer has which I don't mean to be privy to wait you're the one that said they've tarnished people who may oh don't chop off the ship now girl.