AUDIO: Stolen Card Shopping Spree

Thursday, February 8th

Two local women stole a credit card from a co-worker and went on a shopping spree. 


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There are couple of Don more women who must feel pretty stupid and ashamed. Charged with a going on a shopping spree with a stolen credit car. Always say one of the girls took him from a coworker. All laugh we don't like to know where they spend their money well now there are I. They my visit somewhere silly like I think the dollar store let me just listen you know various retail outlets. They don't really want this 30 all wish it wasn't spree they rang up charges that Dunkin' Donuts Starbucks. Panera Bread. Joe's quick mart Victoria's Secret. Pay less they paid a lot less buffalo while it was logos sales are words that Buffalo Wild Wings. And journeys. A three day shopping spree would you like to know the tally sure I mean all of those places let me take a wild guess. On the nose like those critic affordable places right I'm it was like 800 dollars. The grand tally was 1700. 38 dollars they buy gift card tell us please see it's disgraceful and it shows you their level of intelligence if you have a a credit cards. We always try to tell thieves how to do it better and you're spending it I don't Buffalo Wild Wings they are high angry your dumb know your dom. Your dom why they have a delicious chicken wrap thing there is nothing delicious it. It's like a lemon path murder something it's very gut I just go there and I said in the Booth and watch people heart attacks that's upcoming. Well whatever it. You can everybody can make their own eating decisions alone that is really I don't like everybody's head right into oblivion I got a salad there once it was Friday it was a fried self titled Debra ever tried solid. I'm really really crunchy and give him a chicken and pray no no the whole thing was Friday after I watched the global lattice right now. Here that's an idea further up Bloomberg fair next I had no us try salad ball.