AUDIO: Stereotyping Cars & Drivers

Wednesday, September 20th

Do you see a specific make or color car and automatically think there's a certain kind of person driving the vehicle?


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So I do this all the time I see a car on the highway and I starry oh typed the driver in my mind. Based on that car I have a very vivid description of Hawaii believe is driving the car I don't know if it's true or not it's just a fun game. I was mentioning before when I get one of these. Mercedes climbing up my ass at 75 miles an hour. Whining we need to pull the right so they can fly by me I assume in my mind it's like a forty ish dude who. Well dressed cocky. Very likely from new York and he doesn't feel laws or rules apply to him it's not a condemnation of viewership driver Mercedes that's just the thing I do Amanda has a stereo type of guy is in a cheaper all. I just assume that and gotten so the driver of the Jeep Wrangler. Is a really good looking guy scruffy beard scruffy beard. Genes probably well dress jeans and I Charlene L looks good in jeans and Lego white Teaneck teacher some in Texas seventy anyone who said they think the same thing about Jeep wranglers. I always picture a good looking guy with a scruffy beard sitting in the driver seat turned. Thanks for holding. Well executed a jacked up pickup trucks. Michael Vick or don't have like a live here I'm moment of panic on your tail right now maybe one. I picture in my mind which are usually right. I'm there I'll I'll be a scrawny white dude who italics are really excellent Napoleon complex chalk. Because these social you're gonna jump down off a bit. Compensate for other beings that's what I call I don't is called Napoleon complex truck my husband nick joked that she's back they're right next morning right now yeah. The boys and shake Shani an hour getting all riled up. I'm labor I don't care so to conduct a. Thanks for calling no doubt a case and text messages at 7081. Francs from old forge the mailman and that is said enabled likened beetle I assume there's a dozen clowns America. Also about double dragon beat up the adult. I picture a blond twenty something year old who loves flowers wants to be a preschool teacher wears bubble gum pink lipstick and oversize sunglasses yes. Also take an overabundance of the same self be deposed unanswered Ramon based not.