AUDIO: Starbucks Special

Monday, November 13th

Jeff + Amanda talk Starbuck's happy hour! 


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If you stop at Starbucks speaking of food and drink and off between now and Monday you can buy one of their holiday drinks thing get one free did you know about this now. But it's only between the hour I hate this between two and five hits like happy hour for fraph the chino right. And it's certain drinks who is the peppermint mocha frak the chino on that last. Let's see what run that by need to have. It sounded like a foreign language. John says that to about canary and Starbucks yes. A peppermint mocha fraph the chino well it's us peppermint mocha solid love me temperament I want to fraph which you know that you go ahead and do it. They said they are highlighting their given good campaign. I think they've been giving it to us good for many earth actually. Two dollars and seven cents for a while you're gonna get shot a black coffee during re the last couple weeks Jeff has complained about the cost of a small coffee probably. The device ice time a shot glass is there really buy one get one free when you're actually paying for too when you buy one anyway I'll seriously. Do you know what and don't come home. I don't Symbian or that if Amanda so defensive when it comes to start if you like it don't that old. She goes oh look how nice they wrote my name. Are my girls at Duncan started writing my name on the cup with a smiley he's seeing now with the turf war shout out Duncan and bear creek it's.