AUDIO: Speed Talker!

Thursday, November 30th

Sometimes we get calls like this ... 


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We'll jump big jet that Amanda. Eight point five. RC cars let's get another viewpoint thanks for holding what do you think about this 3%. Fee if you wanna pay with a credit card with a local business. They need to do it I mean if you're an arid Biden. So you wouldn't mind paying an extra 3% note and no I'm I'm sure Carolina lightly they used as I know bloodline a little article could have I would volatile DeMarre mowing my got a card in the bar slowdown. We're talking a lot Martin a minimum doesn't like PayPal or why are they want acre park. Yeah he's going to mean there at baton in Manhattan. ELL all that money every year have you had too much coffee tonight. I know until I'm inside and load hyper mood. I. Sound like just speaking a foreign language yeah river and river and really may not make Hibbert really Annika talking renaming. Files is time.