AUDIO: Shower Routines

Thursday, December 7th

Do you have a specific routine you follow when showering? 


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Spirit who. Here baby on email away. Hi KR AZ. This is an amazing I wish we had more time because people have. Very firm and set routines. On how old a cleanse their body in the shower this all came about because the girl who wrote a set I know you normally do big email Wednesday topics. But she and her fiance. Are having a disagreement he says she showers wrong because shields long hair and she does that first and then does the rest of the body and she likes it because she feels like the shampoo going down her back also closes her back and she has. Short arms and can't return our founding get out our own facts are that. Meanwhile he does is body first and he's yes and he thinks he's right and that she doing it wrong. We're getting a Brazilian text messages all of you who follow Amanda's routine my gosh how much water do you. Older. Now green crowd is coming after you I'm just because we left the conditioner set for a little while Molly Washington. Simply long shower I hope you don't mind using up our precious natural resources. Just for your own betterment at 72881. Totally hair first get that clean and then washed down you don't wanna contaminate the clean areas let's get some guys in on this one go ahead. The proper room gain in order idyllic if you're clear in your face first pick your body gets bigger mater didn't wait and huge argue was the body first your what your feet your primary area and you're watching your eight. I don't know I. He did say you're a step further I'll I don't do different artists don't. Her MySpace and my own Christiane over my body so let my body the largest memory judge might say you are guy writes I am guys. I'd like to meet blades I don't want anyone can I think what my private replied yeah I am. I think so.