AUDIO: Scrubbing Poison Ivy Where?!

Tuesday, August 7th

A listener friend suggested that Jeff take a loofah into a POOL to scrub his poison ivy away. Eww. 

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I am on day number twelve of my poison ivy slash soon math slash folk older break. Yes and we did get a text a few minutes ago asking how you got it so bad I was doing yard work wearing only shorts cutting down brush didn't realize it was poisonous was grabbing it with my right arm holding against my chest and then of course I didn't know I had been infected so you know in the course of an afternoon I'd scratch my leg scratched my arm and started all over my body. I've tried so many different products I've bended doctors I've had steroid injections it's insane it is insane how much I've spent and the good end to end junk I'm smearing on my body. And yet when I think I've tried everything suggestions keep rolling in. If you have poor you know someone that does but some people just thought he got dude get in the polling data Luke. Did exfoliate your position in the pool and scrub yourself with the. Who wants to go swimming but the people who. Is this wedding of the dead tonight he's. Instead chlorine is therefore you know. No permanent peace is just tell you it would every get in a pool it's all coming off hey daddy well. This stuff floating on the surface so the hell yeah the public pulled my different yeah I'm really Kingston school tomorrow. Good work all right who's gonna join me at the Kingston pulled tomorrow it's going to be signing. Get this grub might match ye old beautiful lake king man with a little ha ha ha. I've got to clear that pulled in thirty seconds.