AUDIO: Pooping Jogger

Thursday, September 21st

A women KEEPS going #2 on the same family's lawn! 


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People are fascinated. By this poor opening. Jogger a story it's coming out of Colorado tourism literally and a police manhunt under way. For a female jogger who won a regular basis stops in the middle of Iran at the same house in the same front yard she's dressed very nice because the family has confronted her she pulls out her spandex running pants and lets loose on there yard. The kids came and running the first day mommy there's somebody's coping in our yard. This behavior so over the top it's hard to explain and people are being very funny with what their texting and some of which. We cannot pass on to you full one person Texans and I don't think the story could be a 100% accurate because girl's own troops. Yes I've been told that by previous girlfriends. Thanks for holding. I'd that you that she knows her husband in some way and neither. Screw over or is seeing her. And that's why she's still on it. Well police said there is a possibility this was some type from a revenge situation. And you know and it could be a fetish of Kurds well that probably more likely I know warm and Sen has this David as a fetish that's really disgust me. About that she wants she wants there herb partnered to. And and she and how. Right now it's serious I am struggling here. She told. Yet she did not like I haven't you heard ringing ears but yes she told cheap and just proclamation to bartender restaurant guess what I stopped going to that. Rescue now I feel Sylvie right now. And her sludge dries it didn't go well either not funny.